Edina Education Fund Expands The Writers Block Progam

Jeff Drobny has gained two decades of experience in risk management and bond arbitrage, among a number of other financial services, during his time with Cargill. Outside of work, Jeff Drobny is involved with a number of local institutions and organizations, including the Edina Education Fund.

The Edina Education Fund is a not-for-profit group dedicated to supporting the Edina Public Schools. In addition to providing general resources and funds to local schools, the Edina Education Fund sponsors innovative academic projects. Most recently, the fund expanded The Writers Block, an initiative that began five years ago at Edina High School. The writing center began as a place for students to meet with English teachers and trained students and receive help with essays and other writing assignments. The Writers Block has now expanded its services to online conferences, allowing students to get help when they are working on an assignment at home. The concept was introduced by two of the program’s 20 student writing coaches. The online portion of The Writers Block will utilize Google Docs technology.

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