Liturgical Ministries at Our Lady of Grace

Jeff Drobny, a graduate of Union College and the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Business, has worked with Cargill since 1994. Outside of work, Jeff Drobny is an active community member involved with local and national charities as well as the Our Lady of Grace Catholic Parish in Edina, Minnesota.

There are a number of liturgical ministries individuals can take part in at the Our Lady of Grace. The Ministers of the Word ministry dedicates itself to promoting the Word of God. Members of the congregation need only to have received Confirmation in order to be eligible to join the Ministers of the Word. The Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist is a second ministry open to all church members who have undergone Confirmation. Because the church needs more than 50 Eucharist ministers every week, Our Lady of Grace urges its members to learn more about this ministry and get involved. In addition to several music ministries – the Schola Cantorum, the Contemporary Ensemble, and the LIFETEEN Group – all ministries are in need of ushers and altar servers.

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