The Edina Education Fund and the Ecademy

The recipient of a master of business administration from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, Jeff Drobny served in executive roles with Cargill, Incorporated, for 20 years and is currently a principal in its subsidiary firm, Black River Asset Management. Active in his Minnesota community, Jeff Drobny is a substantial contributor to the Edina Education Fund.

Founded in 1995, the Edina Education Fund generates supplementary funding for elementary school classrooms in Edina, Minnesota. This nonprofit organization produces a superior academic experience for youths by distributing “Innovation Grants” at the beginning of each calendar year. The initiative inspires people to develop exceptional programs that teach children about science, engineering, technology, and world languages.

During a recent grant cycle, the Edina Education Fund financed an innovative initiative to enhance learning in the area, called the “Ecademy.” The “Ecademy” functions as a digital learning environment for students. Teachers produce web videos covering subjects ranging from reading the periodic table of the elements and using a triple-beam balance to solving algebra problems and learning hands-only CPR. Parents and children within the school district can access these district-approved instructional webcasts. To learn more, visit

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