A History of Hope – For Abbey and Other Children

Abbey’s Hope Charitable Foundation pic

Abbey’s Hope Charitable Foundation
Image: abbeyshope.org

Jeff Drobny, an executive with Black River Asset Management, divides his time between Minnesota and Scottsdale, AZ, and supports a variety of charities nationwide. Among the organizations that Jeff Drobny contributes to is the Abbey’s Hope Charitable Foundation, dedicated to keeping children safe from pool-related injuries.

In 2007, Abbey Taylor was an ordinary six-year-old girl, enjoying a day playing in a wading pool. But a poorly maintained drain injured her so severely that she spent the next nine months in hospitals as doctors performed multiple surgeries and organ transplants with the hope of saving her life. Abbey lost her battle in March 2008.

Abbey’s parents, Scott and Katey Taylor, turned their family’s personal tragedy into a way of helping other families with their founding of the organization. Scott serves as chairman of the board of directors of Abbey’s Hope, while Katey serves as its president. Katey Taylor has additionally earned a credential from the National Swimming Pool Foundation as a certified pool and spa operator, and advises other nonprofit groups dedicated to child safety.


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